35 Dark Green Nail Ideas for Stunning Fall and Winter Manicures

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Dark Green Nails

InStyle: As we enter cozy season, it’s only nature we gravitate toward moody colors for our manicures. Dark green nails are especially perfect this time of year, as they add depth, harmonize with the season, and beautifully transition from fall to winter.

“Dark green is the perfect alternative to the traditional oxblood and black nail trends,” says Mabelyn Martin, creative director at Paintbox. “Green has been everyone’s favorite color in fashion for the past few seasons, and deep mossy greens, as well as rich emerald greens, are the perfect way to accessorize your nails this fall and winter.”


Mabelyn Martin is a manicurist and the creative director at Paintbox.

Thuy Nguyen is a celebrity manicurist whose clients include Joey King and Kaia Gerber.

To inspire your next manicure, browse through the following stunning dark green nails.

Emerald Mermaid

Dark green nails with lots of negative space and glitter.

“Weather and fashion influence how people get their nails done, and as we transition from summer to autumn, dark green feels appropriate,” says celebrity manicurist Thuy Nguyen. “I painted these dark green nails with a little bit of mermaid glitter and gold-speckled glitter to give this emerald green dimension and sass.”


Green Cheetah

Dark green nails with white cheetah spots

This gorgeous design features a matte, chalky dark green with white cheetah prints. Having a green base for the animal print gives the design a fresh, yet seasonal look.


Deep Green

Dark green nails

When you think of dark green nails, this is a classic shade that immediately comes to mind. It’s Lights Lacquer’s For The Thrill ($11) — the perfect deep green with blue undertones.


Squared Base

Dark green nails with a white square at the base

Anchoring a solid color with a simple design is a great way to elevate a basic manicure. This look features a dark green base with pale blue squares at the base of each nail.


Translucent Green

Translucent dark green nails

Jelly polishes are fun because they add a wash of color while staying translucent. This jelly green shade is Verdigris Jelly ($13) from Cirque Colors. The manicure also features the shades Moonstone ($15) and Disco Ball ($13).


Down the Middle

Dark green line down the middle of a sheer base

Glossy sheer nails get a simple yet striking accent with these green lines that travel from the tips of the nails and expand to cover the half moons at the base.


Digital Dots

Dark green nails with brown accent dots.

This manicure reminds me of an old-school computer screen saver. Each nail has a double circle design that sits at a different spot on each nail, creating movement and appearing as if the circles are bouncing from nail to nail.


Green Aura

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Aura nails typically feature a halo of color on a sheer base, so I’m really enjoying this design that puts the aura look on a black base. It’s done on the Sculpted Almond Short ($30) gel tips from Aprés.


Floating in Space

Dark green abstract blobs over a black base.

Dark green is the predominant color in this manicure even though a black shade serves as the base. Each nail features two abstract green blobs that really pop against the deep backdrop.


Groovy Greens

Nude nail with groovy squiggles in different shades of green

Wavy nail designs are everywhere and this design pairs three Lights Lacquer shades —Clueless ($11), Swamp Girl ($9), and Emerald ($11) — to create this fun and groovy look.


Hint of Sparkle

Matte dark green nails with a cold design at the base

The contrast between this matte dark green and the subtle sparkly gold half moons is really pretty. The green has lots of blue undertones, adding a layer of vibrancy to the look.


Green Velvet

Matte dark green nails

Applying a matte clear coat to a dark green shade allows these nails to look like they’re drapped in cozy velvet.


French Vines

Dark green nail tips with vine accent

Premier Gel Emerald ($11) is the main color in this look, which feature dark green French tips and a vine accent.


Gold Leaf

Dark green nails featuring a nude base, green tips, and gold accents.

Gold leaf takes this design to the next level. Here, it accents a wavy split design featuring shades Jungle ($19) and Silk ($19) from The Gel Bottle Inc.


Old Money

Deep sage green nails

This blue-based sage from Lights Lacquer is aptly names Old Money ($11). It’s a gorgeous shade that pairs so well with gold jewelry.


Like Wild

Dark green nails

Keep your dark green nails classic and simple with a few coats of Like Wild ($22) from Paintbox. It’s a neutral sage green that’s super gorgeous.


Metallic Moss

Metallic moss dark green nails

If moss could sparkle, it would look like this beautiful polish from Lights Lacquer in the shade To the Nines ($11). It has golden undertones and a hint of shimmer to create a dimensional look from just a few swipes of polish.


Simple Plaid

Dark Green Nail tips with plaid accent nails

Perfect for an understated holiday manicure, this design features a classic plaid design composed of OPI shades Stay Off The Lawn! ($12), Lincoln Park After Dark ($12), and Berlin There Done That ($12).


Green Nudes

Matisse-esque dark green blobs on a nude base

These Matisse-esque dark green blobs are painted with the shade Mistletoe Kisses ($10) from Color Dept and pop against this milky nude base.


Floral Tips

Dark green angular tips with white floral deign

Nail tip designs don’t always have to look like French tips. This design features a dark green base for white and yellow flowers.


Festive Shimmer

Festive dark green nails

If you want an understated festive look in a pinch, reach for this shade from Orly, Faux Fir ($11). It’s a pretty green with golden undertones and a subtle shimmer.


Wrapped Present

Dark green nails that resemble a present with gold ribbon

These nails look like the perfect present — they feature a deep shimmery green and milky sheer nude split by a gold line accented with a gold star.


Feeling Lucky

Dark green nails for Saint Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick’s Day nail design features a blend of abstract blobs, swirls, and four-leaf clovers using Aprés shades Aloe You Vera Much ($15) and Sage Advice ($15) along with Gold Artgel ($4) on top of Alex Medium Round ($15) gel-x tips.


Green Marble

Dark green nails that resemble marble

This smoky, green-and-black marbled nail look is the epitome of moody nail designs. It’s done on top of the Natural Stiletto Long ($17) gel-x tips from Aprés.


Simple Circles

Dark green nails with circles at the base

These Kelly green nails keep it simple with a white circle dotted with a smaller gold metal accent at the base. They’re pretty and super easy to replicate.


Topographic Tips

Dark green nail tips that resemble a topographic map.

Painted on the Aprés Natural Coffin Medium ($17), this design features a blend of the shades Popped Pistachio ($15) and Fairy Wings ($15) to create these wavy tips that resemble a topographic map.


Wintertime Accents

Dark green nails with an accent gnome on each hand.

For a kitschy winter design, this look features gnomes and a cable-knit sweater design created with Aprés shades Cloud Nine ($15) and Kana Believe It ($15) on top of the Sculpted Round Short ($17) gel-x tips.



Glittery dark green nails

This simple yet stunning look was created by layering the shades Ethel and All In from Cirque Colors. It’s both glittery and iridescent, allowing it to reflect light beautifully.

..Black and Green Shimmer
Dark green and black shimmery nails

Using Cat eye gels ($19) from Daily Charme and a magnet, this polish color shifts from black to green, blue, and purple shimmer.



Dark green nails with a small dot accent on nude base.

Matte yellow-ish green nails are accented by glossy nude nails with a single green dot. It’s easy yet graphic and totally chic.


Snowy Leaves

Winter dark green nails featuring snowy leaves

Perfect for winter, these nails feature deep, shimmery green nails and evergreens on a milky white, snowy backdrop.


Mountain Tips

Dark green tips that resemble an abstract mountsin

These nail tips look like abstract mountains. They were created using Polished Pinkes Pro’s Luxio Base ($20), Luxio Blush ($18), and Luxio Vert ($18).


Jungle Camo

A camo-inspired base with a white leaf on top

Featuring an array of Magpie Beauty polishes, this look has a blend of milky white, dark green, and dark gray as a camouflage-inspired base. Atop, hand-painted white leaves and tiny pieces of gold leaf add the finishing touches.


Green French

Green french tips with a white squiggle

Mooncat Beowulf ($13) was used to create thin dark green French tips, while OPI Alpine Snow ($12) was layered to complete the look with white squiggles, resulting in a minimalist but impactful look.


Festive Flair

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This cozy winter manicure features a dark green cable-knit sweater design along with pine trees and gold glitter. It’s super fun and festive.

By Kara Jillian Brown



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