The Biggest Autumn Makeup Trends To Know About in 2023
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Latte makeup and mocha tones

Latte makeup is the transitional makeup aesthetic that took off overnight earlier this summer, but it’s a palette that works just as beautifully heading into autumn, where it will be joined by richer shades within the same family. “Food-inspired beauty trends are here to stay,” asys Ash. “As we step into fall, I’m excited to see the emergence of cosy beauty trends featuring shades of cinnamon, caramel, and deep chocolates.” So, expect to see lots of tonal shades of brown – mocha, cappuccino and camel – taking off. It carries on the monochrome trend we’ve been seeing too, with eyes, lips and cheeks co-ordinated with soft puffs of smoky almond, or shots of cafe au lait. It’s a departure from black, but still looks chic and classic.

Dinky glitz

Bratty lips

Autumn and winter automatically call for matte lips and suede finishes in crimsons and merlot, but we love to see the look inverted. The bratty lip trend (high gloss, which gives the illusion of a bigger pout) can be paired with signature autumn shades, so keep one element (the colour) the same while switching up the finish for something glossier, fresher and more unexpected. You can always use your fave winter lipstick, then add a clear gloss top coat.

Fresh, cosy skin

Just like lips, you don’t necessarily need to switch out your dewy finishes for mattes. Celebrity makeup artist, Letitia Sophia, says “glowy and glossy skin” will be big for autumn. “Using minimal product will maintain a youthful base in those colder months,” she adds. Ash is on board, she says we’ll be seeing lots of “fresh skin accented with pops of pastel. Or you can hit half-way between matte and dewy with a “fresh, cosy skin look,” she says. Try Laura Mercier’s oil-free tinted moisturiser. More of a matte girl? “Soft focused skin” will be in says celebrity makeup artist, Nikki Wolff (whose clients include Hailey Bieber, Yara Shahidi and Sabrina Carpenter). “This means blurred, perfected, mattified complexions that are wearable and soft,” she adds.

Luminous cheeks

A “natural luminous cheek” will give you the perfect autumn flush, according to Ash. For a new twist, switch up application. “Wearing your rosey blush at a higher placement on your cheekbones will create a lifted affect,” says Letitia. “Blush draping is where you apply blush on top of the cheekbones and take it almost up onto the temples and under the eyes, this really beautiful soft flush, high on the cheeks is going to work perfectly with the soft matte complexions,” says Nikki. “This blush can be worn in beautiful berry tones that are perfect for autumn or even swapped out for something more bronzey,” she says.

Glam grunge

The goth/grunge trend has steadily been growing on TikTok and the fashion runways. The moodier vibe is perfect for this time of year, so go lighter on your bronzer, and heavier with your kohl liner. “Prepare to transition into a soft gothic glam look,” confirms Ash. Already pantyhose eyeshadow has given us a cool new twist on the smoky eye with a sheerer rendition in grungey shades of brown, grey and black. And eyeliner has gone full indie sleaze. “Take winged eyeliner to the next level inspired by Versace’s innovative shapes, using your darkest and sharpest liquid liner,” says Ash. Nikki agrees, backing “lots of kohl liner and heavy lashes – it’s a little grungy, a little messy, a little slept-in, a little rock ‘n’ roll. This trend is all about easy application for maximum effect,” she says.

Playful lashes

The pros are in agreement: “coloured mascaras are making a come back,” says Letitia. “Have fun with colour by experimenting with colour blocking using two shades. Top it off with non-traditional mascara in blue or green,” says Ash. Elsewhere loaded, spiky lashes are adding extra interest. The vibe? More is more. Load up lashes with multiple layers of mascara and tap up individual and cluster lash extensions for the fullest, thickest set yet. “Achieve runway-worthy spiky, long lashes with the Falscara wisps,” recommends Ash.

Buffed lips

If you want to lean into a classic look but with a new spin, Nikki’s got you. “Bright bold lips with a blurred edge are really on trend for autumn-winter,” she says. “Instead of having to perfect your lip with a sharp line, switch it up for a stain or tint, roughly applied and blended at the edges, she adds. “Bold lips with subtly buffed edges are gracing the runway,” agrees Ash. Recreate this look using a matte liquid lipstick and diffusing the outline.

Soft brows

Things are looking a lot softer when it comes to autumn brows in 2023. “Say goodbye to bushy brows as a more naturally soft brow takes the spotlight,” says Ash. “Super skinny ‘90s brows were very in during the summer, however I predict that natural brows will make a comeback for autumn-winter,” agrees Nikki. And Letitia’s on board, too, backing “fluffy brows that are lightly sculpted to create a little structure.”

’90s-inspired lips

It’s not new but nineties lips are still going strong, and the brown and nude colour palette is perfect for autumn. “Ombré lips will be big,” confirms Letitia. “Created them by using a darker lip liner and lighter lipstick on the centre of your lips,” she says. “Embrace ‘90s nostalgia with lip liners,” says Ash, who’s a big fan of Buxom if you’re in the states. If not, you can’t go wrong with MAC. “Finish with a gloss for an alluring pout,” Ash adds.

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