A Kiki With Miss Vanjie Mateo To Hear About The New Bluebell Pride Collection

by | May 17, 2022 | Fashion, Industry

Chic Report: Lingerie brand Bluebella is all about embracing your inner femininity in whatever way that manifests itself. They recently released a collection inspired by LGBTQ+ Pride, and turned to world-renowned RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars Brook Lynn Hytes and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo aka Miss Vanjie to show off the looks.  The collection offers 8 separate looks each inspired by a different color of the rainbow. The Daily had chance to kiki with Miss Vanjie on what femininity means to her, where she likes to wear lingerie, and when we should expect to see her on a TV screen again.

Congratulations on being tapped for the Bluebella PRIDE collection! We’re all gagged. How did you get connected to the brand?
They needed a hot bitch to wear panties so they gave me a call!

How important is it for you to be able to express your femininity and pride? Are those two connected for you?
Baby it’s super important, I want to express my cookies in the hottest way possible.


What are three settings where you think lingerie is absolutely necessary?
Obviously my bedroom, my kitchen, and on stage! And maybe when I’m on the way to see trade…

We know that you can turn out a look, regardless of what Michelle Visage has to say, were you nervous at all to partake in this?
Not at all! Everybody wants to judge drag but not everybody can do drag, so when asked, I immediately started doing my makeup and tucking.

You look amazing in the lookbook! Do you have a favorite look from the collection?
I look good in anything red! I feel my full fantasy.


She can sing, she can act, she can dance! Is fashion design a possibility for Vanjie in the future?
Everything I wear, I help design with a team I work with! So maybe one day we will collaborate and do something for everyone else.

It’s time to get into the tea! We saw on season 11 of Drag Race that you and Miss Brook Lynn Hytes had a little bit of an on screen romance. How has it been like working with her on this project?
It was great seeing her again. We are good friends, and anytime we get to work together it is amazing. We even talk about our current relationships and love life!


How important is the support of your drag sisters at any given moment?
We all want to feel supported and loved by our peers. It’s so easy these days with just a double tap or a comment.

After being on Drag Race, how has your life changed? I know that you’re a very famous meme!
My life has completely changed and I get to wake up and do what I love everyday! I meet amazing people who love Drag Race as much as I do. I get to meet people whose lives have been impacted by watching the show. And most importantly I get to make people smile. I’m definitely lucky and blessed—it’s still hard to wrap my mind around it!

Is there anything you learned from your time on the show that you still practice in everyday life?
What I learned the most is just mainly about myself as a person, and how I want to present myself to the world with my drag. Basically the sky is the limit.

Last question! When are we getting you on All Stars?
Soon! One day!! I think about this from time to time.

 The PRIDE collection is available now on Bluebella.us

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