Artist – Marcus K Garcia – 3D Pointillism Meets Blacklight-salonwithoutwalls

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Artist – Marcus K Garcia

3D Pointillism Meets Blacklight

About the artist…

With his unique, three-dimensional technique, Cuban-American, Bronx-born Marcus K. Garcia has transformed his experience as a self-proclaimed “club kid” into dynamic and thought-provoking art. Captivated in his young adult years by the laser lights, vivid colors, and frenetic motion of New York City’s biggest dance clubs, Garcia now seeks to recreate this experience on his canvases with a technique he terms “3D Pointillism.”  This precise and painstaking process involves first painting a traditional two-dimensional image, and then applying hundreds of painted dots and straight pins to that image, bringing it into the third dimension. The “3D” effect invites the viewer to interact with the piece, to experience it from different angles and fully immerse oneself in its mesmerizing landscape. Garcia adds UV sensitive fluorescent paints to the pins, a final flourish making his work the perfect, transformative piece for cutting-edge clubs, bars, and hotel lobbies.

In addition to his own work, Marcus has collaborated with New York City-based artist Patrik Rytikangas and with his mother, Carmen Garcia, in the touching, yet stunning, Mother Son Collaboration.

Garcia also practices photography as a form of personal journaling. He currently works as a top Hair Colorist and Stylist at Riccardo Maggiore Salon in Manhattan, where he creates art of a different form.

Garcia is available for gallery shows and museum exhibitions. Contact:

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