Batsheva Unveils First Retail Store On Elizabeth Street

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Fashion


CFDA: There is an innate sense of magic to Batsheva Hay’s work, from the dresses the designs to the memorable fashion moments she creates, most recently via the cast of fabulous women over the age of 40 on her Fall-Winter 2024 Batsheva runway.

Now, she’s brought said magic to her first retail store, which opened last Friday at 166 Elizabeth Street.

“I wanted to create a world, because my clothing is my fantasy,” Hay told us of her first retail experience. “My brand has always been specific, and I think it is really important to control the environment that my pieces are presented in, to make it feel very ‘me.’”

Indeed, she created a magical environment, which she designed with Charlap Hyman & Herrero principal of interiors Adam Charlap Hyman.

“The interior is exactly the right amount of chaos and color and elegance at the same time,” Hay said. “I worked with fabric, stapling, shirring, and gluing hundreds of yards of green fabric to the walls – doing the same with floral lining fabric on a plywood box, a table and chairs. The floor is painted an abstract animal print in blue, cream and brown, and the ceiling is antique tin tiles painted a very glossy red. I love it all so much.”

In addition to looks from her collection, the store offers one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces. And it’s not just the clothes that will bring the world of Batsheva to life.

“I hope customers will understand my point of view better, to see the holistic use of color and print, and how much I appreciate small runs of things and vintage,” Hay said. “I will also be at the store a fair amount so I hope I will actually get to meet more of my customers and discuss their thoughts about what I make and what I should make. I want to learn from my customers too.”

Check out Batsheva at 166 Elizabeth Street, Monday through Saturday from 11am-7pm, and Sunday from 12am-6pm.


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