Beyoncé Has a New “Creme Brûlée Blonde” Hair Color

by | Jul 22, 2023 | Beauty

Beyonce performs onstage during the "RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR" at Rogers Centre on July 08, 2023 in Toronto


Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan reveals all about the new dessert-inspired color she coined, and how to get it.

Beauty: If Beyoncé isn’t on your blonde-hair mood board, are you even doing blonde hair right? With her Renaissance tour in full swing — and finally in North America — the singer debuted her latest shade of golden strands that will have everyone calling their colorist ASAP. Created by her longtime colorist Rita Hazan, Beyoncé debuted “Creme Brûlée Blonde” — and we have all the exclusive deets.

“The ‘Creme Brûlée Blonde’ style offers a refreshing twist on the classic sun-washed blonde that was popular for her tour last year,” Hazan tells InStyle. “The stunning style boasts a variety of blonde hues — pale, baby, golden shades — with ends of the hair noticeably lighter and blonder than the top. It gives a sun-kissed appearance that’s perfect for Beyonce’s baby blonde moment.”

Hazan describes this dessert-inspired shade as a blonde whose radiance is boosted through golden and lighter hues placed underneath to add depth and dimension. “What sets this tone apart is the mix of golden and roasted tones to create a summer look that’s soft and radiates,” she adds.

Hazan goes on to explain that going warmer with your blonde is the perfect compromise of going lighter without fully committing to a bright blonde. “It’s a fun way to play around with color and embrace her golden brilliance vibe,” she says.


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Best of all, upkeep is fairly simple. Hazan says Beyoncé uses the Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment to keep hair hydrated and protect hair from damage. Hazan adds that the singer will use the Ultimate True Color Shine Gloss to keep the blonde from looking dull.

If you want to replicate this golden shade for yourself, the best thing you can do is show your stylist a picture. Hazan advises also telling your stylist that you want a cream blonde with golden hues at the top. “Keep the ends of the hair a golden baby pale shade without looking too light,” she says. “A perfect shade to bounce off the sun’s hues.” Now you just need the wardrobe, and you’re Renaissance-tour ready.

By Audrey Noble

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