Big Lashes and Bigger Silhouettes: Marc Jacobs Pulls Out All the Stops…

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Fashion

… For His Return to the Runway!

Runway: Marc Jacobs is back, and he’s brought his inimitable offering of happiness-inducing fashion to the fore with him. The designer notably sat out the past two seasons of NYFW,  opting instead to give followers more and more of an insight into his own daily life (quarantine outfits and his docu-style short film about his lockdown stay at The Mercer included.) But on Monday evening, Jacobs took that distinctive individuality and presented it to the people in real time, 3D format once again when he showcased his Fall ’21 collection at the New York Public Library.

And true to form, it felt larger than life. On his “journey back to doing what [he] loves the most,” Jacobs was keen to offer a “moment of inspiration, curiosity, wonder, and possibility.” Thus, these are the type of clothes that transcended trends and genres altogether—as the long-established designer is wont to do.

In his show notes, Jacobs said this period had given him time to rediscover why creativity is so vital to his existence, and reminded him of why his love for fashion and sharing its joy is so integral. Hinting at why, perhaps, he had not endeavored to show his collections virtually, he also touched on how his “love…for the runway endures.” Same! Because, after all we’ve been through as individuals and an industry, these creations were destined to be experienced right in front of our very eyes. There is so much meaning and emotion to be found in the unexpected elegance of puffer boleros and stoles, moon-landing ready silhouettes like roomy flares and space suit-style outerwear, futuristic snoods over funnel neck sweaters, and pailette dresses and skirts that catch and reflect the light unexpectedly.

Said stop-and-stare numbers will soon become available through an exclusive partnership with Bergdorf Goodman, who’ve been supporting the New York City fashion mainstay since the ’90s. When the first cold snap rolls around, we hope to witness these XXL coats, flatforms, chubby colorful furs, and logomania accessories taking to the city streets on those who dare to go big—because they’ll serve as a welcome refresher of how fashion is supposed to make us feel: happy!

See the full collection below:


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