The legendary make-up artist opens up about her new beauty line, Jones Road, and divulges the daily rituals that keep her feeling beautiful!

AnOther: “The truth is, I hate the way make-up feels,” says Bobbi Brown. It’s an unexpected confession for a woman who has spent over four decades working as a globally renowned make-up artist, but it’s one that is based on a lifelong belief. For Brown, beauty has never just been about looking good – it has to actually feel good, too. That means no claggy lipsticks, no pore-blocking powders and no trowelled-on foundation. Instead, the Chicago-born entrepreneur prioritises minimalism and authenticity, opting for light, silky formulas that “enhance the skin” while giving the “perfect no-make-up make-up look”.

This hallowed “no-make-up make-up look” has been Brown’s signature aesthetic since 1991. That was the year she launched her eponymous make-up line, which debuted with a collection of ten brown-based lipsticks at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman department store. Within days, the range had sold out; within four years, she had built a global beauty empire. Bobbi Brown’s earthy, neutral hues washed over the catwalks of the 1990s, sparking a new era of dusky lined lips, soft contours and shimmering eyeshadows.

Brown officially parted ways with the brand in 2016, but her passion for beauty hasn’t waned. In the years since leaving Bobbi Brown, she has launched her own beauty-focused editorial site, justBOBBI, as well as a related supplement brand, EVOLUTION_18. She has also, as of last year, ventured back into the world of make-up innovation, founding a new line of “clean and high-performance” beauty products called Jones Road.

“There are tonnes of great make-up formulas on the market, but I still saw something to reinvent,“ Brown tells AnOther. “I wanted to make products that are easy to customise, to create whatever look you want in order to feel authentically you.” With Jones Road, the goal was to strip back our established beauty routines, creating a range of easy, multipurpose products that are free from toxic filler ingredients (the range has no phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum or cyclic silicones, which are all still surprisingly common in competitor brands). The result is a collection of feather-light, easy-to-wear make-up staples: including velvety “miracle balms” – to give a soft, summery glow to your cheeks, lips or eyelids – and versatile pencils, glosses and powders.

Clean beauty is a crowded and confusing market, but Brown is determined that the quality of her products – combined with her decades of industry experience – will elevate Jones Road above its competitors. “The world doesn’t need more beauty products,” she states, firmly. “It needs better beauty products.” To celebrate the brand’s UK launch, we caught up with the Chicago-born entrepreneur to find out her favourite products from the range, and the daily rituals that keep her looking – and feeling – beautiful.

Exercise every morning

“Exercise is always on the top of my list. Even if it’s just stretching or walking, it makes a huge difference in how I look and feel. I make sure to get at least something in every morning before starting my day.”

Simple make-up

“My two-minute make-up bag is all Jones Road: two Miracle Balms (Tawny and Au Naturel), Mascara and a Brow Pencil. Putting it on makes me feel better instantly.”

Infrared sauna treatments

“Using an infrared sauna [which works with light rather than heat] has been such a game-changer for me. It leaves me feeling detoxed, rejuvenated and relaxed.”

Plant-based diet

“I believe beauty starts from the inside out. I make it my job to eat plants and drink water [with lemon if in need of a detox, or salt if dehydrated].”

Herbal peppermint tea

“Sipping on herbal peppermint tea throughout the day has helped me hydrate much easier than water. It also aids digestion.”