Designer Guram Gvasalia of Vetements: Madonna “Celebration” Tour

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Fashion

Photo by @cscheidig

NytStyle: After Madonna revealed that she would postpone her “Celebration” tour, a social media post from the designer Guram Gvasalia of Vetements further surprised the public: Gvasalia, it turned out, had been secretly working with her for the last five months on the looks for “Celebration.”

If the tour happens, it will introduce @gvasalia, 37, to a much wider audience. He officially took over as creative director of @vetements_official only in late 2021, and before that was known primarily as the business partner and younger brother of Demna, the designer of Balenciaga.

The announcement came in the middle of couture week — a classic move by the designer. “Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if Gvasalia knows what he is saying — or how it may be received — or if he is purposely trying to roil the pot,” writes @vvfriedman, The Times’s chief fashion critic.

“I think it gives you certain recognition and credibility,” Gvasalia said of being chosen to work with Madonna. “When she can ask anyone in the world, and people will probably do it for free and be less complicated than I am, it gives you a certain security that you’ve done something right.”

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