Designer-to-Watch: Hayden @haydnalxndr

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Art, Fashion

Hayden @haydnalxndr is the youngest boy of his siblings. He recently moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis to live out his dream of being a fashion designer! To best learn of his new world view and talents, read this review of his work from @staygroundead:

“In our eyes, we like to view streetwear as an art form. For one, it is literally a medium for art in which artists use fabric to represent their ideas. Secondly, and just like art, streetwear can be attacked from any angle the artist desires. For “HAYDN ALXNDR”, the approach to his art consists of beautifully destroying and customizing garments. Incase you are wondering how someone could ‘beautifully destroy’ something, swipe through the photos above and see for youself. As you may notice, many of the products coming from this collective have a ‘cut & sew’ core; however, most brands don’t take such approach to this level nor do they execute it as perfectly as “HAYDN ALXNDR” does. What’s their secret? We think ‘emotion’. If you’re unsure, take a look at the item above and allow us to explain. In terms of destroying the garment, we don’t think it’s a coincidence that the ‘heart’ and ‘throat’ of the longsleeve is torn. Secondly, the inclusion of various crucifixes could be interpreted as a sign of ‘hope’; meaning the artist is trying to find peace in this choatic world. Lastly, notice the overall color-scheme of this garment. By using fabric with a vibrant aura, “HAYDN ALXNDR” is able to represent his creative mindset.

For us as creatives, many of our days are filled with negativity as we do not feel as though we are ‘normal’. With this garment, “HAYDN ALXNDR” does an excellent job at capturing the on-going madness of a creative. The best way to describe the products being produced by this brand is to say they represent a mix of ‘passion and pain’. Haydn, you are a genius. For many of us, these products speak directly to our soul. Thank you for all you’ve ever created, we can’t wait to see what’s next @haydnalxndr.

Follow his adventures on The Geno Project: Lisa Genosky, also known as Mrs. Geno is married to Sean Genosky and is at the forefront of The Geno Project. Mom to nine amazing children and businesswoman owner of Queen Bee Media, a digital media agency located in the Twin Cities.

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