Double-Belting is Fashion’s Next Micro Trend

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Fashion, Industry

Highsnobiety: From platform UGGS to the “weird girl aesthetic,” Bella Hadid sure knows how to start a micro-trend — and another Hadid-approved fad is about to take over TikTok, thanks to the model’s latest street style move.

On Tuesday, she stepped out in a pair of baggy jeans held up by not one, but two belts, a look she previously sported in June. In 2022, the bold choice gains new relevance considering Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2022, a collection that’s fueling fashion’s ongoing obsession with “balletcore,” low-slung waistbands, and micro-mini skirts.


In addition to those viral ballet flats and teeny-tiny skirts, Miu Miu resurrected the art of double-belting, adding stacked loops and distressed leather belts to skirts, pants, and shorts (which we took for a test run a couple of months ago). Since the collection debuted, the trend has bubbled up on TikTok — once a metalcore fashion move, double-belting is now being embraced by FashionTok at large.


Brands including Y/Project, Prada, and Martine Rose have previously dabbled in dual buckling, experimenting with the look in their menswear collections. Still, the trend never really caught on. Now that Hadid, the empress of influencing, has given it her seal of approval, we’re bound to see an influx of double-belting TikTok tutorials, (more) Miu Miu dupes, and luxury brands putting their own spin on double-stacking.


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