Fashion Week without a Gatecrasher on the Runway? 

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Fashion

A protester gatecrashed the @louisvuitton SS22 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, brandishing a sign that read “overconsumption = extinction.” ⁠

The protester representing Amis de la Terre France, Youth for Climate and Extinction Rebellion, took to the chandelier-lit runway alongside the LV models before being wrestled to the ground and removed by security guards. ⁠

For some, it wouldn’t be Fashion Week without a gatecrasher on the runway, arguably diluting the “disruptive” goal of the interruption. ⁠

Nevertheless, whether you agree with the efficacy of these actions, and the impact they have on the industry, we are in crisis — a crisis caused in part by the fashion world. “La planète brûle mais la mode regarde ailleurs,” wrote @extinctionrebellionfrance: “The planet is burning, but fashion looks elsewhere.” ⁠

It is possible to care about fashion and the future, though. Link to visit The Highsnobiety Better Earth Manual. It’s a guide for style enthusiasts in the age of ecological crisis. Here, you’ll find a growing set of resources about conscious consumption and the pioneers who are making change in our industry.

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