Fashions’s Ever-Growing Obsession with Skiing Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Fashion


Highsnobiety: We’re flying through December, which means that the holidays are inching closer day by day – and so is ski season.

Personally, I’ve not been skiing since the humble age of 12, but will be making my anticipated return to the slopes in January. I may not be the best skier, but at least, I can be zooming down the snow in the best outfits.

I’ve spent the past few days researching my optimal snow steeze. This season, it seems as if brands have jumped headfirst into the snow, with multiple collections and must-have items available.

In terms of equipment, Saint LaurentPradaCELINE, and Dior all offer skis as well as snowboards, each priced way above a regular set, but arrives with logos and added luxury. Some even do helmets. Imagine queuing for the lift next to someone in a helmet decked out in Dior’s Oblique pattern.

Retailers such as Mytheresa have also jumped on the trend, partnering with Isabel Marant to create a “snow capsule” collection that features 33 80s-inspired pieces that work just as well in the slopes, as they do at the aprés ski with a cheeky aperol spritz in hand.

For something less subtle, look no further than Fendi. The label has continued to embrace logomania all year, especially with its Fendace collaboration, and has jackets, overalls, and more printed with its recognizable logo print.

Of course, we’ve also got the streetwear labels. A quick browse on StockX will generate plenty of snow-appropriate GORE-TEX jackets and Supreme collaborations with The North FacePalace fleeces that are perfect for layering, and you can also wear your Arc’Teryx whilst hitting the slopes – not just on your hikes.


Prada Heritage PR 32PS 1AB5W1 Black Plastic Square Sunglasses Grey Gradient Polarized Lens

It goes without saying that winter fashion has drastically changed over the past few years, and skiwear has become yet another industry that has been luxury-fied by the big fashion players. I mean, can we talk about those Chrome Heart ski goggles?

But, if you’re still not convinced that the fashion giants do it best, classic ski labels such as ColmarPeak PerformanceHelly HansenColumbiaPatagonia, and The North Face will serve you well. They’re the true champions, and have been doing this for years.

Don’t forget to also get your hands on some Uniqlo heat tech, and some great goggles. At the end of the day you can look fantastic with your slope-appropriate steeze, but if you’re freezing, no one will envy you.

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