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Iman Is British Vogue’s January 2023 Cover Star

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Editorial, Fashion, Industry

Iman Is British Vogue’s January 2023 Cover Star

The Daily: Legendary supermodel Iman is gracing British Vogue’s January 2023 cover—a first in her almost 40-year career. Inside the mag, the Somali industry icon tells writer Funmi Fetto about her family’s experience as refugees when they lost everything as a result of a military coup in their native country, how Peter Beard discovered her (albeit not in the way he would eventually tell the press), the impetus for forming Black Girls Coalition with Naomi Campbell and Bethann Hardison in the ’80s, and how timing finally aligned for her to meet and fall in love with David Bowie. A longtime vocal advocate for diversity, Iman didn’t hold back when she spoke about her views on where the industry is at right now, saying: “Don’t give me a handout, because that in itself is a racist act. The reason a lot of [racist] things are happening in our industry is because there is nobody [non-white] in decision-making positions. These people exist. So this idea that we are asking for a seat at the table… I’m done with the seat at the table. Let’s just dismantle the whole table.” Read the full feature here.


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