Interview: An Eclectic Twist on Fashion’s Future by Photographer Amer Mohamad for Grazia Serbia

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Fashion, Photo

Ania-Chiz-by-Amer-Mohamad-in Grazia-Serbia-December 2021 (2).jpg
Model Ania Chiz (@aniachiz) photographed by Amer Mohamad (@shootmeamer) for Grazia Serbia (@graziaserbia)

How did you get the idea to make this project?

Actually, we were planning a diffrent shoot with stylist Kristina Lisovets, when I went by accident on instgram on the designers page who made the flowers, and the idea just came by in minute, when I told  kristina lets do this, she said we need like a month of preperation and we really did. I sketched the idea, contacted the designer and things went on .

For this photo shoot, you are inspired by the work of Salvador Dali. Why did you choose this particular artist and surrealism?

I was never a fan of his work, I really enjoy diffrent art style which is art deco by Erte, or Tamara de Lempicka. But when I started gathering the idea, I knew I was going into surrealism, so i choose his work to be a color inspiariton in this photoshoot, especially when using the backgrounds, using his paitning the elephants and three sphinxes of bikini. Salvador dali is the father of surrealism.

You create fabulous, unusual characters in this project. What is the most important thing for you in creating an image in your works?

Harmoney, between all of the team, set design and model it was quite hard to take images on this project, especially finding the right angle and the visuals to combine together as one, united. The set is very eye catching and so did  the  model, so  that  was  quite  an achevment to me and my team, very daring and exciting to gather the pieces,

What inspires you every day?

Challanges. I try to challange my self everyday.

Tell us a little about the process of working on the project: about concept development, team, shooting, post-production.

The idea behind the shoot was to create visual  world  that  is  very  surrealistic  and color vibrant, To create a new Visual than the rest work that I do. The image where the flowers fall up on the models head which is the land, while she’s standing on the sky. The flowers were specially made big size to creat the surrealistic visuals of the unreal world where fashion can be very attractive, vibrants, an illusion.The red big flower actually was inspired by Alice in wonderland with the very big flower and her looking much smaller. The post prodcutuon, we did the color match, which was coloring all the details to match the rest details in the other images. Link here for full-feature!

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Ania-Chiz-by-Amer-Mohamad-in Grazia-Serbia-December 2021 (1).jpg

Ania-Chiz-by-Amer-Mohamad-in Grazia-Serbia-December 2021 (6).jpg

Ania-Chiz-by-Amer-Mohamad-in Grazia-Serbia-December 2021 (8).jpg

Art director @shootmeamer
Casting @brioschi_matteo with
FlowerDesign @eywa_deco_shop @eywa_deco
Assitant @s_crazy_hands
Setdesign among CGartist @art_valenta
Style @lisovets_kasap along with StyleAssistant Preobrazhenskaya Alexandra, Toma Gorkovenko
Makeup @tashpreo
Wigdesigner @mariyam_osmanova
Hairstylist Hair on set @gulayakristina
LightAssitant @anna_artlight and
Setdesign @elyastrezhenyuk @otqgot @max_cormac
Studio @mayak_studios


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