Is Taylor Swift Making an ‘Eras Tour’ Documentary?

by | Aug 19, 2023 | Music

taylor swift in sequin bodysuit eras tour documentary rumors

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Here’s why fans think so. With Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour an international success, fans are speculating the singer has a new documentary in the works.

L’Officiel: Taylor Swift is the queen of surprises, and she may just have one of her most exciting surprises in the works yet. There’s a rumor floating around that Swift is making a documentary for her internationally acclaimed “Eras Tour” — a rumor we hope is confirmed sooner rather than later.

The speculation was first sparked as fans took notice of a camera crew present throughout the entirety of Swift‘s Eras Tour, getting footage of her on stage, her fans, and what seems to appear behind-the-scenes shots as well. While having cameramen at worldwide tours is nothing new, the extent of this camera crew leaves fans to believe there may be something larger at play.

According to sources who spoke to TMZ, there most definitely seems to be a project happening though “there’s not yet a plan for the project.”

taylor swift sitting in chair with sequin dress for eras tour documentary

taylor swift in gold sequin mini dress holding silver sequin guitar for eras tour documentary
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Further speculation has also been sparked when Swift posted on Instagram a video montage of all of her tour legs so far with the caption, “Summer forecast: Cruel.” It’s most definitely been a cruel summer for many Swifties, as Swift has sold out at every tour stop, with many fans looking high and low for any available tickets.

The possibility of Swift creating an Eras Tour documentary not only allows the Swifties who attended the concert to relive the moment but lets anyone who wasn’t able to secure tickets have their own Eras Tour moment in the comfort of their living room.

taylor swift in flowy white dress for eras tour documentary
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If the rumors are true, this is hardly the first time Swift has done such a massive tour project. In 2018, she released a documentary for her Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix, immortalizing one of her buzziest and most visually astounding tours yet — which has arguably now been surpassed by her Eras Tour.

With the rumor of Swift making an Eras Tour documentary still not confirmed nor denied, there are no further details on the project, including a potential release date and whether it will be released on Netflix or another streaming service.



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