Judith Lieber Couture Stars At Gucci Vault

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Fashion

CFDA: The warm sun, clear blue skies, and tranquil waters are subverted to become the canvas to picture eclectic summer stories through the depths of imagination.”

Such is the dreamy tale presented in the latest chapter of Vault, Gucci’s experimental concept store, and Judith Leiber Couture and its EVP and Chief Creative Officer, CFDA member Jana Matheson, were more than fit for the theme.

Matheson created four exclusive pieces for Vault. Two of the minaudière clutch bags – the striped “Lunch Box” and the “Sewing Needlecase” pillbox prescription bottle shape – feature the signature cherry Gucci design. The other two – “Lion” with a flip top and a regal lion, and “Panda,” featuring a Panda in crisp black and white crystal – are informed by vintage 1980s Judith Leiber Couture designs. Each Judith Leiber Couture box is handmade, and took a single artisan 40 hours to paint and 40 hours to bead each crystal.

“I was honored and delighted to be approached by Gucci Vault to redesign some of our iconic minaudieres to be featured on Vault.com,” Matheson said. “As two brands synonymous with luxury and impeccable craftsmanship, these exclusive and truly unique Limited-Edition pieces are certain to be coveted by Gucci and Judith Leiber collectors alike.”

Leiber is one of eight brands from around the world that contributed to the curated selection of pieces to Gucci Vault.

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