Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Lemme makes its Target debut

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Beauty

GLOSSY: Lemme, Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s 16-month-old supplement brand, just got easier to access, thanks to its launch across Target stores nationwide. To start, the brand is selling four of its most popular products, all in their original gummy formats, through the retailer. They include Lemme Glow, the brand’s hair, skin and nail growth supplement; Lemme Chill, an ashwagandha-based gummy said to help support stress relief; Lemme DeBloat, a pro and prebiotic gummy to aid digestion and reduce bloating; and Lemme Purr, a vaginal probiotic to “target vaginal microbiome health,” according to Lemme’s website.

Lemme has quickly expanded since it launched with three gummy supplements at the end of September 2022. Now, the brand carries supplements in three formats: swallowable pill capsules and tinctures, on top of the original gummies. Lemme is also sold at Ulta Beauty and on Amazon.

“Launching the brand has been absolutely incredible, not only from a demand perspective, but also in terms of the community Lemme has built — and obviously, that goes hand in hand with Kourtney’s community,” said Kardashian Barker’s business partner Simon Huck. He developed the brand in close collaboration with Kardashian Barker, and they also collaborate on its marketing, creative strategy and product development. Kardashian Barker has 224 million followers on Instagram and 7.3 million on TikTok, while Lemme has 452,000 followers on Instagram and 326,000 on TikTok. Lemme Chill has seen exceptional success on TikTok, Huck said.

Lemme was able to build its community and credibility quickly, thanks in part to Kardashian Barker’s credibility in the wellness space, Huck said. She launched Poosh, her lifestyle content and e-commerce site, in 2019. “She has been in wellness for 15-17 years,” Huck said, noting her passion for the lifestyle even before Poosh came about. “She [is] someone who has been taking vitamins and supplements for years, so this was just the next evolution for her.”

The brand has experienced 25% month-over-month growth since its launch, as well as six product sell-outs across the three products that will be in Target’s starting lineup. Lemme Purr, which launched in February 2023, sold out in the first week it launched before subsequently selling out four more times in six months.

“[Target] is the perfect place for us to provide education on our science-backed formulations. [It’s] a place our customer is already shopping at,” said Kardashian Barker, who is on maternity leave, in an email — she was referencing data the brand had compiled on its customers. According to Huck, he and Kardashian Barker dreamed of selling Lemme at Target even before it had tangible products.

“As we were developing Lemme, we kept saying to each other, ‘This brand feels … like it has a shelf at Target.’ The fact that this has now happened [a little over a] year into the business [is] incredibly fulfilling,” Huck said.

When Lemme first launched, there were some initial conversations with Target, he said. As the brand started to grow, so too did those conversations. Lemme is in Target’s “beauty supplements” category, which Huck called a perfect fit.

“Target has become this ultimate wellness destination,” he said.

In addition to promoting the launch on social, the brand plans to host some in-store events. There will likely be a launch event specifically for influencers, which Kardashian Barker will probably attend, Huck said.

January is a big month for wellness launches at Target: Hum Nutrition expanded its presence at the retailer, and Bala, known for its chic workout equipment and accessories, will make its in-store debut there this month.

For Lemme’s part, it remains in expansion mode. It will debut more new products this month, though Huck declined to elaborate. And 2024 will see the brand continue to expand into new, “completely innovative” formats beyond its existing three, he said.

By Sara Spruch-Feiner


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