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A Moment with…Odile Gilbert for Kenra Professional at Suno

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French hairstylist Odile Gilbert is a bit of an industry legend, in case you don’t know. We caught up with her backstage at Suno to find out how she created the braided look using Kenra Professional products.

What was the inspiration for this look?
There is no inspiration! We wanted something modern. We prepped the hair with Kenra Platinum Style Prep and Platinum Thickening Glaze, dried it, then took a little bit of Platinum Texturizing Taffy to clean up the front.We put the headband on, and in the back we created a very loose braid, and used elastic to have a very short ponytail at the end that we tucked into the headband to have little wisps of hair. We French braided the hair, first at the scalp and then outward, so we could pull it loose.

 What’s the hero product today?
The Detangling Primer Spray, and then the Thickening Glaze. The pomade is very good because it’s dry…sometimes they look wet!

What’s the biggest challenge?
In a bad way? When the girls come with dirty and oily hair. We make sure to have shampoo and conditioner. If it’s very oily, it’s a big mistake to put the water on first—you have to put the shampoo first, then you wash.

What’s it like working with Kenra Professional?
It’s a very nice brand! I am obsessed with the Texturizing Taffy. The product fragrances smell amazing.


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