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Service Request

service request

Please complete a brief request form, review policy, contact and we can begin coordinating immediately.

tel: 347.270.7017

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All services are performed in conjunction with professional photo or media sessions/events. artist services are unregulated.
Each artist represented through salonwithoutwalls is an Independent Artist; non-employee of markets via Internet, email and direct mail.

Cancellation Policy

Less than 24 hours notice*: Full session fee applied
Between 24-48 hours notice*: 50% of session fee applied
*Notice must be given Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm, working business hours.

Preferred Payment

Direct bill-purchase order / visa / mastercard / paypal

(Quoted rates vary by performance, category and media usage. Fees are quoted per project/service)

Terms of Payment

Invoices are payable upon receipt and should be paid directly to salonwithoutwalls.
A 5% finance charge will be applied to invoices not paid within 45 days. The client, advertising agency, or any parties involved in the booking process are responsible for full payment of fees in a timely manner.

Client Responsibilities

Provide agency with complete billing information prior to a booking.
Full disclosure of any extraordinary conditions or requirements for a specific job.
Any on-set discrepancies should be reported to the salonwithoutwalls immediately; to be discussed prior to assignment completion.

Weather Permit

Weather dependent jobs must be stated at the time of the booking. The type of weather permit must also be specified. There is no charge to postpone a shoot due to weather if the artist is notified before leaving for the job and/or the job is re-booked at the time of postponement based on availability of the artist; otherwise, regular cancellation fees apply.

Air Travel

Additional rates for travel days apply. Transportation, lodging, per diem and expenses are to be paid by the client (unless otherwise negotiated).

Talent Driving Their Own Vehicles

If travel is required more than 20 miles outside the center of Minneapolis, $.56 per mile round trip will be added to the final invoice. Travel 60+ miles outside the center of Minneapolis will require an additional fee of $70 per hour of drive time.

Transportation Provided by Client

Talent traveling 60+ miles outside the center of Minneapolis, in transportation provided by the client, are to be paid $90 per hour for travel time.

Per Diem

Per diem billed for out of town shoots: $75 per day.

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