Steven Klein goes on a US road trip for new Ray-Ban campaign

The photographer captured four models out on the open road

After shooting the 2017 campaign story for iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban, famed photographer Steven Klein continues the story with the 2018 campaign, which stars four characters on a liberating road trip.

Each shot shows a different wearing a pair of glasses corresponding to their singular personality, as they set out on a journey of self-discovery. “It’s the idea of believing in tomorrow and a bright future, and the idea of everybody’s personal freedom,” explained Klein as he discussed the inspiration behind the two-part campaign. “The last campaign was about people leaving a life behind, and now they are on their way.”

Featuring models like Soo Joo Park and Alice Metza, each of the four faces has a different characteristic to match with their own style of sunglasses. One plays a musician, another a female film director, and there’s also a social activist and a poet and writer – with each of them discovering themselves on the way.

Alongside the images, Klein shot a video campaign as well, revealing more about the heroes’ personal journey and how they each find their freedom. “It’s the opposite of being imprisoned, which is having limitations imposed,” Klein said. “Freedom defines one’s individuality.”