Supreme is dead, long live Supreme.

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Fashion

⁠ Highsnobiety: Supreme is dead. It’s a sentiment shared umpteen times by blogs, forums, Discord groups, Instagram commenters, and prosaic TikToks over the past however many years but finally, the Supreme doom-mongering may actually bear weight.⁠

Is Supreme actually “dead,” though?⁠

There’s a funny paradox at the heart of the question. Within the realm of streetwear, “dead” doesn’t necessarily refer to a brand that’s inactive, it simply refers to a brand that’s lost the cultural clout it once had. ⁠

“Dead” brands aren’t as cool or hyped as their counterparts.⁠

To be clear, Supreme remains one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world. Supreme’s not dead in the literal sense and maybe one day Supreme will probably once again be the coolest clothing company on the planet (waiting on that second Louis Vuitton collab). But, for now, it’s taken a backseat.⁠

No one’s on top forever.⁠

Supreme's website on March 24, 2023, showing much of the recent Schott collaboration as still in-stock.

Images: Highsnobiety, Getty (Christian Vierig) (Claudio Lavenia), @supremenewyork


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