The 16 Best Layered Haircuts For Every Hair Type & Length

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Beauty

The TK Best Layered Haircuts For Every Hair Type & Length

InStyle: One of the simplest ways to change up your hair is by adding layers. A layered haircut instantly elevates a look — no matter hair type and no matter hair length.

“It gives everyone a little lift and overall a completely stylized look,” says celebrity hairstylist Sky Kim. “You can always adjust how much or where you put them but you won’t regret it.”

“There are so many ways to customize the layers for the individual,” adds celebrity hairstylist Xavier Velasquez. “Whether you’re adding movement, framing the face, or removing bulk.

Simple enough, right? So if you’re looking to see what layers you should go for that will suit your specific hair length and type, this has got you covered. Kim, Velasquez, and celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak break down the best layered haircuts for everyone. See what they had to say below.

Short Fine Hair: Hidden Layers

layered haircuts

Roszak likes hidden layers for short fine hair, as they add movement, volume, and texture. She says that you’ll want the layers to be almost the same length as your longest strands and to have your stylist just enough that will add shape and remove bulk, but without taking away thickness.

Short Fine Hair: Soft Layers

layered haircuts

With short fine hair, less is always more. So another layered haircut you can go for if you have short fine hair is soft layers.  “Soft layers are great for people with fine hair since removing the weight helps give hair volume,” says Velasquez.

Kim agrees and says that you can opt for a blunt cut first before having your stylist go in with light layers all around to create dimension. If you want to add volume, Velasquez recommends using something like the Virtue Volumizing Primer to get that lift.

Short Thick Hair: Interior Layers

layered haircuts

Roszak likes interior layers for thicker short hair because it helps take some weight out while letting you keep the short length. “They add great shape to the hair while keeping ends light and healthy,” she says. To do this, she says to have your stylist use thinning shears to remove bulk and then texturize ends (we like the OUAI Texturizing Spray or the Briogeo Blossom and Bloom Ginseng Biotin Volumizing).

Naturally Curly Short Hair: Wolf Cut

layered haircuts

Half shag, half mullet, the wolf cut took 2022 by storm and is here to stay. Kim particularly likes this layered cut for people with naturally curly and short hair. “You can really layer [this cut] and even add a fringe to give it shape and style,” she says.

Roszak adds that it’s key to watch how the hair falls naturally when wanting to shape curls and add layers. To get the cut, she recommends cutting hair while it’s wet and then shaping curls more as they dry.

Medium Fine Hair: Square Layers

layered haircuts

Velasquez likes square layers for hair that grazes just at the collarbone. Kim adds that this soft layering will help give fine hair the illusion of volume.

Medium Fine Hair: Beachy Texture

layered haircuts

Roszak says that adding light layers throughout medium-length hair will add volume to already fine hair. “This cut leaves enough length and fullness, but adds that beachy texture for an effortless look,” she adds.

Medium Thick Hair: Face Framing Long Layers

layered haircuts

“Long layers with some face-framing would benefit medium-length thick hair,” says Roszak. “Having movement at your ends will create more volume and a soft look.”

Medium Thick Hair: Choppy Layers

layered haircuts

Kim says choppy layers make for a cool and edgy vibe. “You just feel lighter without all that hair weighing you down,” she explains.

Naturally Curly Medium Hair: Heavy Layers

layered haircuts

Kim loves a heavy layered cut paired with a textured bang. She says to let hairs layer on top of each other to avoid the final result looking like a triangle.

Naturally Curly Medium Hair: Mid-Layers

shoulder-length hairstyles

Roszak says to match your medium-length hair with medium (or even short) layers. She says these defined layers will enhance curl pattern, add shape, and create more bounce.

Long Fine Hair: Minimal Layers

layered haircuts

Velasquez says that long fine hair doesn’t need much layering. He says to keep it long and minimal to create that movement you want.

Long Fine Hair: Jane Birkin Fringe

layered haircuts

Roszak and Kim agree that long layers are key, as you don’t want to remove that much bulk in fine long hair. “Keeps the appearance of fullness and gives you a lot of lift at the same time,” says Kim. To make it more dynamic, Roszak recommends adding the classic Jane Birkin Fringe bangs.

Long Thick Hair: Chandelier Layers

layered haircuts

Long thick hair is perfect for getting that ‘90s supermodel blowout. Kim suggests chandelier layers — where you have cascading pieces that frame the face.

Long Thick Hair: Butterfly Cut

layered haircuts

Roszak says that the butterfly cut is the layered haircut to go for if you have long thick hair. “[It] works beautifully on this type of hair with face framing pieces,” she says. “This will highlight the length of texture.”

Naturally Curly Long Hair: Long Shag Cut

layered haircuts

Velasquez says that shaggy layers are a great way to give natural curls movement and life. This cut also removes any heaviness that may way your curls down. Kim adds that you can round out layers for full volume.

Naturally Curly Long Hair: Short Layers

layered haircuts

“Curls love layers,” says Roszak. “It creates shape so the curls can thrive. Short layers work here to create more movement and shape, taking out weight and removing a round-shaped bulk.”

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