The Allure of Hair Mist Perfumes and Where to Shop Them

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Beauty

Spray and shimmy, folks.

HAIR: Is there a stunt more superior than dramatically flipping your hair and leaving behind an irresistible trail of hair mist perfume in your wake? Truly, it’s a tough flex to follow.

Though typical pulse points for body sprays and perfumes include the wrists, neck and even behind the knees, who doesn’t want hair that also smells delicious?


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As many of us can likely recall from memory (you never forget the scent of Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works body mists), body sprays were everything in the late ’90s and early aughts. Much like other Y2K trends having a resurgence (lookin’ at you, indie sleaze), we’re thrilled to report that these lightweight sprays are making a comeback, and hair mists are coming along with them.

With a lower concentration of fragrance oils than perfume, body mists are light enough to layer, so they can be used to create unique-to-you scent concoctions. And they’re more affordable, which allows consumers to purchase more scents to play with. Modern hair mist perfumes often double as body sprays, and they’re beloved for many of the same reasons. What’s more, they’ve got the added benefit of ingredients that treat hair concerns, like dryness and dullness, with each spray.

Even if we have to squeeze our way through a sea of “10-year-olds at Sephora” looking for the Sol de Janeiro shelf, many of us are craving a nostalgic hit (er, spritz) of fragranced body and hair mists. Ahead, six of the best-smelling hair mist perfumes and where to buy them. Good luck out there.

Rare Beauty Find Comfort Body and Hair Fragrance Mist

With revitalizing notes of lemon zest, violet and vetiver, this newly launched hair mist from Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort collection is like a pick-me-up in a bottle.

Though it can also be used as a body mist, the reparative niacinamide and biotin ingredients within its formula target hair strands, to keep your tresses looking softer, shinier, and stronger.


Byredo Gypsy Water

If you already love Byredo and its selection of signature scents, why not match your favourite fragrance with a hair perfume? Our pick goes to the pine needle, sandalwood and amber-scented Gypsy Water spray.

Thanks to a uniquely developed silicone and polymer concoction, this hair perfume will nourish your mane and leave behind a luminous sheen. Who wouldn’t want to wear head-to-toe Byredo?


Phlur Vanilla Skin

Judging by the influx of vanilla fragrances that have been released as of late, it appears the beauty community can’t get enough of this classic and creamy scent. In the category of hair mist perfume, we’ve been eyeing Vanilla Skin by Phlur.

Noted with sugar crystals, cashmere wood and, of course, vanilla, this hair and body mist is a gourmand fragrance lover’s fantasy.


Moroccanoil Brumes du Maroc

Moroccanoil’s Brumes du Maroc fuses the best of the brand’s iconic haircare ingredients with its signature spicy amber scent to deliver a must-have hair and body fragrance mist. A nourishing blend of argan oil and vitamin E keeps both the skin and hair moisturized and hydrated.

Plus, the UV absorber within the mist protects hair against damage caused by sun exposure.


Killian Paris Love, Don’t Be Shy

Rumoured to have once been Rihanna’s signature scent, Kilian Paris’ Love, Don’t Be Shy perfume is also available as a hair mist. Featuring the same unmistakable orange blossom and marshmallow sugar accord notes as the OG perfume, this hydrating hair mist is simply irresistible.

In all honesty, a stamp of approval from RiRi is all the convincing we need to shop this scent.


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’68 Beija Flor

Douse yourself in an all-over spritz of this TikTok viral hair and body mist by Sol de Janeiro. You’re probably familiar with the brand’s iconic Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 Bum Bum fragrance, but this ’68 Beija Flor scent is a more floral and fruity option with juicy notes of Brazilian jasmine and pink dragonfruit. It’s straight-up yummy.


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