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Nfm Magazine: Once upon a vibe, Photoshopped pics were like, totally cancelled. Can you even? Being all pressed over something this gorge just ‘cause it got a lil’ Photoshop glow-up.  At the end of the day, it’s all about the art vibes. Appreciate the masterpiece, not the tech. ’Cause behind every edit is a human with a vision, the passion, and a story to spill.

(This artwork is a ‘Love Letter’ to myself) ⁣
they often tried to meet⁣
the earthy roots ⁣
and the skies⁣
above ⁣
always seeking ⁣
yet sometimes wilting ⁣
on the path to ⁣
self love ⁣
not like in that book⁣
they read ⁣
the one where the ⁣
rose stayed blooming and⁣
red ⁣
or where the dove ⁣
flew high as a symbol ⁣
of love ⁣
but imperfection always rings true⁣
in the darkest of dark⁣
before the morning dew ⁣
yet the dawn signals flight ⁣
a breeze of wings and ⁣
petals ⁣
the innocence of sight ⁣
self love ⁣
eternal ⁣
… ⁣
 ⁣”This year to explore the concept of love around Valentine’s Day @adobe asked me to create an artwork looking at the important reality of self love. I think for many people including myself, it can often be our most difficult long term relationship. I have always found it easier to see the light, goodness and beauty in others, when there is so much goodness to be found much closer to home. In my opinion, self love is one of the greatest kindnesses we can give to ourselves, to know our worth and value as an individual. I find so much self value through my art and creativity and this artwork is an ode to that!⁣”



The Dove and Rose: Prayers, Poetry, and Meditations devoted to St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux


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