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The cut is perfect for autumn, adding some welcome insulation against the cold for our foreheads as well as introducing some delicious texture. What sets it apart is the slinky, lash-skimming length which creates a dreamy curtain across eyelids. Plus, it adds some heavy, plush drapery that feels sultry, romantic and sleepy.

Really, it’s ideal to hibernate in through the winter, and while we know we’re not supposed to hide behind our hair, sometimes it’s nice to have that extra comfort blanket that lets you close out the rest of the world.

Alongside offering a mini sanctuary to inhabit, the sleepy fringe is just so darn chic. The ever-so-slightly outgrown length adds a relaxed bedhead feel to the cut which looks a little more worn-in and wearable than anything too blunt and graphic. It leans into shag territory without ever having to hack layers away at your crown, and it’s got that vintage throwback ‘70s energy that’s dominating hair trends at the moment.

The sleepy fringe offers versatility when it comes to styling, too. You can swoosh it to the side and tuck it out of your face for some light, fringy face-framing action on the days you don’t want it all up in your business. But you can also tease it forward for maximum texture and drama.

And, since the shortest part of the cut hits right around the bridge of the nose, it’s the perfect seasonal style, lasting your the winter before morphing seamlessly into longer-length curtain bangs, just in time for spring.

Here’s 4 ways to wear the sleepy fringe…

Loose with layers

Curly with a Tinkerbell bun

Cropped and shaggy

Sleek and ’90s