The “Soft Crop” Is The Most InDemand Haircut In London Right Now

HAIR TRENDS: It’s been a good year for short haircuts. Pixies, mixies, bobs and everything in between, we have been introduced to many different styles in 2023 and the most-requested cut in London salons right now is another new trend, which is being referred to as the “soft crop.”

“The soft crop is a gentle, almost grown-out interpretation of a timeless, classic crop,” explains Francesca Inverarity, a hairstylist and colourist at The Hair Bros. “Its wispy edges give it a grown-in feel, as opposed to a box-fresh, straight-out-of-the-salon look.” It’s a style defined by its soft silhouette and resembles Linda Evangelista’s crop that became her signature in the ’90s.

Linda Evangelista in 1995.

Linda Evangelista in 1995.

 Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

You might assume that a cut like this is pretty one-dimensional, however experts explain that the crop’s soft edges and length allow for surprisingly versatile styling. “You can wear it swept to one side and flicked out at the back for a fun, Gen Z feel; brushed forward to create the illusion of a grown-out fringe; or with clips and hair accessories,” says Inverarity. “Think Iris Law or Drew Barrymore in the ’90s.” All you need is a texturising spray – whether that is Hair Story’s Undressed or Amika’s Un.done Volume and Matte Texture Spray – to help create a natural, mussed-up finish, or a gel for a wet, slicked-back look. Inverarity loves Bumble & Bumble’s Sumogel for high shine and hold.

This is best to be cut with dry hair to create texture, contour individual features and remove weight where needed. The soft crop can also be cleverly adapted to suit every face shape – this isn’t a one-size-fits-all look. “For instance, leaving the hair longer at the edges means it can be tucked behind the ear, which softens the style around the eye line,” explains Inverarity. “On the other hand, keeping the hair slightly longer with a grown-out feel at the back creates a more gentle effect on the neckline.”

A cool update on the pixie cut (which is always popular in autumn) – the soft crop is the perfect partner to oversized coats and roll-neck jumpers. Natural, undone and offering just the right amount of movement, it’s a cut that truly speaks for itself. And best of all? “There’s no need for a hairdryer or brush – it’s low key and low maintenance.” Obsessed.