The Way-Extra Beauty Trends Already Dominating 2022

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Beauty, Fashion

Chic Report: Ever since the pandemic, the beauty world has shifted on its axis, growing smitten with no-shame self-care, stripped-back beauty, and a rise in ‘skinimalism.’ But while industry experts and TikTok beauty stars alike have continued on the au naturale, quality-over-quantity route, they’ve grown far more experimental when it comes to showing up and stepping out. Here’s the most bizzare-oh trends we’ve noticed online as of late!

Under the knife

“I saw Marc Jacobs get a facelift, so I got a facelift!” Though the act of surgically modifying your visage is pretty extra, the goal is actually to achieve a more natural look in the long run—just ask the cool kids! From brow lifts and jawline sprucing to full-blown deep plane surgeries, getting a facelift is no longer the reserve of the elderly. Perhaps it started when the designer posted his post-operation look on Instagram, and thus, opened the floodgates for candid discussion surrounding plastic surgery. Or, perhaps, it’s the shift to more time at home that’s inspired the lifted crowd to go all the way.

The “natural” dimple 

First, it was the freckle fad. Now, it’s the dimple craze, and anyone can participate. The TikTok beauty-verse has hopped on the bandwagon of DIY furrows. It goes a bit like this: use the end of a pen to break down your cheek muscle and, thus, create a permanent ridge. If you’re not in the market for permanent skin damage though (understandable), a simple blended brown eyeliner in the desired area will do trick, optically at least, just fine.

@rubyholmessokay so like it works♬ original sound – shirlee


DNA-based skincare

Skincare scientists have mastered the art of customized skin care. How, you ask? By analyzing variations in your DNA, including pigmentation and collagen, and then translating the genetic information into a personalized skincare regimen—a fancy process dubbed “skin-cell programming.” We love a good science experiment!

Snail-uronic madness

The K-Beauty world has long-since turned to snails for their human skin-promoting benefits—namely, snail mucin, the slimy secretion known for its regenerative properties. The South Korean hack, which has been extracted into serum and oil form by numerous brands, has a new look. Alas, some are getting the goop straight from the source instead of the bottle. That’s right, the key to elastic, ageless skin is not Retinol or collagen—it’s snails crawling about on your cheeks. We’ll say no more.

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Your new primer is….lube? 

In the name of dewy skin, people are trading their hookup in for body pillow and using their lube as primer instead. Fans of the method claim it’ll give the skin a dewy, fresh-faced glow better than any highlighter on the market. Though not backed by skincare experts—note: there are a lot of your typical breakout-prone ingredients found in products—the lube fad still has a hefty cult following. Don’t believe us? Fall down the TikTok beauty rabbit hole and you’ll be convinced a daub of Durex does, in fact, go a long way.

@georgialouiseharrison #lubeprimer ♬ Food Dance (TikTok Edit) – Bbybby


Zig-zagged partings 

It may be 2022, but the fashion and beauty worlds are still loving the nineties revival, and the zig-zag hair part is enjoying a resurgence. The hairstyle once rocked in middle school courtyards with low rise jeans and butterfly clips has now stolen the hearts of Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and more. If you’re itching to switch things up with your locks and have an added hour to spare, this trending hairstyle is one to keep your eyes locked on.

All eyes on the eyes

Thanks to our continued mandated use of face masks, it’s still all about impressing via the eyes. According to trend forecasts, colored mascaras, highlighter hues, and jeweled appliqués are all about to pop off. If you’re feeling extra extra, match a lip to a neon eyeliner or trade your liquid liner for a row of pearls. It’s really all about doing the most!


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