TikTok’s “Cherub Lips” Is the Angelic Makeup Look Trending This Fall

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Beauty, Editorial

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BYRDIE: A plump pout is a verifiable beauty classic. Much like doe eyes, fluffy lashes, and perfectly flushed cheeks, the sweet look is having a major moment right now. Despite its celebrity-approved status, achieving that plumped look is a process that can be easier said than done. Genetics and makeup often play a role, but thanks to TikTok’s new Cherub Lips trend, a little ingenuity and artfully applied liner can help in the plumping process.

What Are Cherub Lips?

Makeup artist Ehlie Luna, who’s video popularized the trend, describes cherub lips as a “doll-like” lip shape. It’s focused on volume at the top, and has a slightly pouty, down-turned shape. Basically, by focusing most of the liner on the center of your lips and building height, you end up with a sweet, plump look worthy of a Bratz doll.


The Technique

Creating cherub lips requires only a few products. Many of the most popular TikTok videos for the trend feature creators using their chosen lip color, a lip pencil, and concealer to clean up any edges.



Cherub lip aka doll lip tutorial

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In Luna’s video, which kicked off the trend, the makeup artist begins with lip liner, instructing you to ignore any natural dip you might have in the middle of your lips—aka the cupid’s bow. She’s especially careful of the lining process, telling followers to only overline at your cupids bow, “emphasizing the volume on top.” Once she’s perfected the cupid’s bow, she lines the rest of her top lip, making sure to follow her natural lip line—not going outside of it.

For the bottom of your lip, she suggests starting at the corner of your lips, following your natural lip line until you get to the center of your lip. Then, apply liner slightly under your natural lip line, to emphasize that soft, rounded shape. After lining, you simply apply lipstick and/or gloss, and then you’re finished.

Another video by @jawarshere suggests using a technique called “oval-lining” to get a similarly pouty look. As the name suggests, you use your lip liner to draw an oval shape around your lips, rounding out your cupids bow, for that pretty, soft shape. Add a swipe of gloss and you have pillowy, pouty lips at at your fingertips.

If you really want to lean into the doll-like aesthetic, you could also take a cue from Bratz-inspired lip tutorials, which focus on an exaggerated plumpness. For additional means of creating a fuller lip, you can also try amping up your exfoliation routine, relying on a glossy shine, sticking with natural-toned hues, or opting for a lip plumper.

While this summer was all about embracing your villain era, fall is shaping up to be all about owning your softer side—and cherub lips are the perfect way to do so.


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